WWL 7.0.99 Not displaying night time weather

I recently renewed my subscription and did a new install on a computer. On the new computer, the nightly temperature etc. in Daily mode does not display. On the old computer is shows just fine.
Is there a setting that I’m missing? I’ve looked but can’t find anything.
Thanks in advance,

Please try installing the following Weather Watcher Live build over top of your current Weather Watcher Live installation:


If that does not resolve the problem, then please post a screenshot. If needed, see the following link for instructions on taking a screenshot:


I tried to load your suggestion and it failed. The error message is displayed in the attached file WeatherWatcherLive Screenshot 2. I ‘retried’ and I also ‘ignored’ but no joy. Image WeatherWatcherLive Screenshot shows the screenshot both before and after.

Incidentally, I also note that I can only resize the WWL screen downward to a certain extent, which is still too large. Is this a second issue or a related one.




You’ll have to shut down Weather Watcher Live before running the installer. Right-click the Weather Watcher Live icon in your system tray and choose “Exit”. The installer tries to shut down Weather Watcher Live. When that fails due to permissions, it displays the error message in your screenshot.

Try dragging the bottom, right corner of the window up and to the right. The window has a minimum width – and, if you drag the window too far to the left, it’ll prevent you from continuing to resize it.