WWL 6.1.21

:shock: When I click on the map on the Now page, it takes me to another city other than the one I am using . The city is close by but not the one it should be. When I enter the zip code on WeatherBugs site, it actually gets me to the correct city. This issue has never happened before. I have been using Weather Watcher for years but just decided to post. Thanks in advance.

Which weather station are you using?

79453 (international airport) and the link takes me to 79350

I’m not sure why WeatherBug.com uses that zip code, but it’s definitely linking to the Lubbock Internation Airport weather station.

The map shown in Weather Watcher Live is zoomed out a little more than at WeatherBug.com. You could zoom the map out at WeatherBug.com or click the arrows to navigate NE a bit. It looks like that weather station is located in the corner of WeatherBug.com’s map, so it wasn’t near the center no matter which way I navigated.

I just found it a little strange that every thing reports correctly except the map link to WetherBug and why link to New Deal. It’s about 12 miles due north from Lubbock. I’ve never noticed this happening until recently. I’ll keep checking in on it from time to time just to see if any thing changes.

Still seeing this issue in 6.1.26. I know it is a trivial little issue but every link that takes me to the WeatherBug website from WWL is close but incorrect. I emailed WB and have heard nothing yet. The weather conditions are reported from the correct station so all reports should be the same. It’s just when you expect to see your city listed on WB, it’s another smaller city.

Right – it looks like it has been incorrectly labeled. Everything else seems to be correct though.