WWL 6.0.16


    Up to a few years ago I was running WWL 6.0.16 with NO problems.

Yes I know there are later models BU I had NO need to upgrade.
I had it running on Windows XP and I believe on Win7 as well.
Now I have updated my Windows 7 to 64bit on a clean system.
I got it to install and started to do the Configuration BUT now I cannot retrieve any Stations.
I checked all my settings but No Go. I also now get errors when i try to restart the program.

Please help!

                  73 de Steve KB6HOH

That version of Weather Watcher has been discontinued. You can download the latest version from www.WeatherWatcherLive.com.

Yea I know it has been discontinued!
Now you want me to buy another version?
I don’t think so!

You don’t need to buy another version. As long as your license key is current, you can use it with any version of Weather Watcher. I’m only able to support the current version though.