WW Window Size And Position

WW Live 7.1.138 seems to be having problems remembering the window size and position if I stop and restart WW or the computer is rebooted. I have to resize and relocate the main window each time this happens.

Any Ideas? Thanks for any input you may have. Also, the window zoom function when minimizing does not work. All the other program windows zoom up and down as designed. Is that because WW is written in Visual Basic?

Windows 7 Sp3 64bit
All current updates

I just tried restarting Weather Watcher Live a few times in a row and the size/position remained the same. Does the window size/position reset on every restart? Or does it only happens sometimes?

When you close the Weather Watcher Live window, it hides itself. It does not minimize like other Windows windows. That’s probably why you’re see a difference there.

The window placement and size condition happens on every reboot. Also, when using the “Now” button the squares to the left labelled “Currently” , “Tonight”. “Tomorrow”, etc. are blank as well as the squares at the bottom labelled with the days of the week shown. Possible data flow problem?

I’ve been using the most current version until today with no problems until this morning.

Does the window placement/size change every time you restart Weather Watcher Live without rebooting?

It sounds like you’re saying the daily forecast is missing. Is that information also missing from the “Daily” section? If so, that’s an issue I’m working on resolving right now. Something was changed in the Weather Underground data feed. If you temporarily switch to a WeaherBug weather station, all should be well.

The weather info is also missing from the “Daily” button and the Window placement/size problem occurs if I shutdown WW and restart it or on computer reboots as well.

The daily forecast should be back to normal now.

Is the size/position issue something new? Just wondering since you’ve been using Weather Watcher Live for a while now.

Also, does it matter if you start Weather Watcher Live as the Windows administrator? I’m wondering if maybe the size/position settings are not being saved due to some kind of Windows permission issue. To test that theory out, right-click the Weather Watcher Live shortcut and choose “Run as administrator”.

Yes, the weather data is back to normal now. I tried “Run as Administrator” on the shortcut but still had the size/placement problem. It’s not really a big deal and I can live with it since it is running on a laptop which I use the Hibernate function to shut down most of the time. It only seems to happen if I shutdown and restart WW in the system tray or during a normal system shutdown or reboot.

WW has been running quite well for some time. The only new thing added to the computer recently was a windows update on patch tuesday this month. A lot of people blame Microsoft for everything, so I guess I can too. This seems to be one of those “interesting” problems.

Thank you for your help.