WW vs. WWL

What are the differences between Weather Watcher an the newer Weather Watcher Live? Are they advantages to using one over the other?

Main difference is the source of data. One uses TWC the other uses WeatherBug.

So does that make one better than the other? Why the need for 2 separate programs?

Microsoft Office / Open Office
Windows Vista / Mac OS
pc / Mac
Vista / XP

Why indeed. :-k

As for which one is better, the one that best meets your needs and makes you the happiest. :wink:

None of those are remotely similar to WW / WWL, except Vista / XP. The other 3 are not competing programs by the same company.

So the only difference is TWC and Weatherbug? Are you kidding me? I am not a programmer (web designer/pc tech only). It seems like a waste of a whole new program. Seems like if that is the only difference it would be better served by having an option in the program to choose to have your weather reports from TWC, Weatherbug, or whatever other service there is out there.

Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the difference? Maybe I am just retarded.

The main difference is that because of the data source WWL has live readings where the WW data from the weather channel is update much less often. For example as I am writing this (2:59 pm EST) my WWL data was updated at 2:59 pm EDT and the weather channel info was last updated at 12:02 pm EDT.

Also, Weather Watcher Live has a map on the main screen and the info is a little more accurate as it can be pulled in real time.

klassic, other than the data sources, WW and WWL seem to be alike on the surface. The main window in WWL has been totally redesigned from the ground up to handle and display the live data that comes from WeatherBug. While it sounds like a great idea to you and I to combine the data sources, the idea becomes quite complicated when run by a bunch of competing lawyers.

Well after all the responses I don’t feel as dumb. It seems there is not much a difference between them. Thanks for the response Mike. Everyone has to go and get their lawyers involved. :wink:

I didn’t read klassic’s suggestion as combining the data sources but rather as a WW option to allow the user to choose which data source they want to use, similar to switching other WW options; which location to use, how frequent to update, etc. I don’t see any legal problems with that approach and think it would be an excellent idea.

That is actually what I was suggesting. I think it would be a good approach, but whether or not it is possible (code-wise or legally) is another question. I am not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…