WW using 90% system resources

I’ve been using ww 5.6.23 and recently I’ve noticed two things that haven’t happened before:

  1. My WinXP SP2 system slows right down (programs stop responding). When I open WW the download progress bar is “stuck” about half way and I can’t shutdown WW unless I use the Task Manager.

  2. When I check system resource usage when the above problem occurs, WW shows that it’s using approx 90%.

Shutting down WW (via Task manager) restores the system back to normal.

Checked malware (AdAware 2007 & Spybot) - all clear
Checked viruses (Comodo) - all clear
Uninstalled & reinstalled WW - no change :sad:

Any ideas as to what might be happening? I suspect a “bad” dll but not sure which to check.

Thnx in adavnce for any help


This used to happen with older releases if the update frequency was set too high, ie every minute, and TWC had a backlog or server hiccup.

WW would request a weather data update, TWC would be slow to respond, a minute later WW would request another weather data update, even thought the prior request was still outstanding. The updates would get out of sync or WW would and things looped.

Thnx EdP - Seems to have worked itself out somehow. My update rate was set to 15mins, tho when the problem occurred my broadband connections had slowed to a crawl and that may be why WW seemed to hang. Thnx for your quick response…

drawdeselrahc :iconbiggrin: