ww takes possession of Internet access

hi Mike,

Ww is improving day after day, but the new version 5.x of ww appears to carry a serious security problem. After launching the program it accesses Internet using several instances of dl and ww to retrieve forecasts.

The problem is that the main module ww takes possession of any Internet connection to the net that comes after, even if it has been existed. The sequence can be seen clearly using a net monitor or a firewall. For example, if you use Sygate, you can see, when running IE after ww, that a new connection of ww trying to access the Internet.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Run ww.
  2. Exit ww.
  3. Run IE and watch the Internet connections using Sygate.
  4. Ww tries to access the Internet???

In particular, a very curious interaction occurs with Sygate. When ww is started (for the second time) while Sygate is running, ww?s screen displays swiftly the screen of Sygate (e.g. a list of net connections) before switching to the standard weather display.

Both problems can be reproduced straightforward. It is as if ww leaves some mechanism (after the first run) to use the back of any new connection that could be established by another program to access Internet.

Using Win98SE and IE 6 fully uptodate.