WW Tag bug

If there are no alerts and ALERTS AVAILABLE is False the ALERTS COUNT should be 0 or blank not 1. :shock:

I think the problem may be that when there are no alerts in the queue, there is a message stating that there are no current alerts. And it gets counted as an alert.

Of course, weather.com may do something different, but that’s what I have seen coming from the NWS when I tried to use its rss feed.

You’re probably right in how weather.com is interpreting the count. Fortunately Mike has complete control over the values in the WW tags. Getting weather.com to change might be difficult but not Mike. He actually likes making changes. :iconbiggrin:

EdP, this will be fixed in the Weather Watcher 5.6.22 release… coming to a computer near you soon :cool:

Oh boy!! :iconbiggrin: