WW Stops Running

I am currently running WW5630 but my particular problem has occurred with every version , starting with WW5625, that I have updated and installed.
Just let me say now that I just love WW utility. WW loads with startup, loads a fine icon in the system tray, and loads a WW map for my desktop. The problem that I am having is that too often WW stops running. I have to either restart my PC or exit the utility. The problem seems to occur when I use WW, such as, if I want to look at a map or maybe another forecast. It seems that if I use any of the many great properties, WW stops running. I would appreciate any help that anyone might have.

When Weather Watcher stops running, do you see the Weather Watcher system tray icon or the “ww.exe” process running in the Windows Task Manager?

When WW “stops running” everything,( ie: waving the mouse over temperature icon in system tray to see current conditions, clicking on temperature icon to pull up forecast info, automatic updates in current temperature conditions, etc) freezes-up. So then I do a CTRL-ALT-DELETE to bring up the Windows Task Manager, which tells me that WW is “Not Responding” I end the task and restart WW. Sometimes WW will run all night but as soon as I want to check the day’s forecast it “Stops Responding” Trying to “Refresh Wallpaper” will certainly cause WW to freeze. I haven’t read anything about this being a common problem so I usually sit back and hope things will take care of themselves. I have had to restart several times this morning, the last time just a few minutes ago. I have come to sort of rely on WW and use it all day long. Hopefully there is someone out there who can…

It sounds like Windows is going into suspend or hibernate mode, neither of which work well on desktop machines, and WW is not recovering from it.

Try turning off the WW wallpaper function for a day or two and see if the problem continues.