WW showing on Task Manager

Weather Watcher shows up on the ‘Applications’ tab in Task Manager. Is it suppose to do that?

Yes. Is that abnormal?

You could say that. For something that runs (kinda) silently in the background while the computer is running, I usually see those programs not appearing in the “Applications” tab, only in the “Processes” tab of Task Manager. For e.g. an antivirus program or firewall software.

Thanks for answering though. Keep up the good work.

khangenghis, I don’t care for “silent” running programs, so I chose to display Weather Watcher there. It would be possible to add that as an option in the Weather Watcher settings. That might be overkill though.

I agree with khangenghis. Programs running in background do not show in the Windows Task Manager Applications window. AVs, antispywares, firewalls, windows updates, etc. It’s a Windows standard of some sort.

You mod’ed the Taskbar’s icon menu to be consistent with Windows’ standards, if you’re still interested in maintaining consistency you should do it for this also.

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This isn’t a big deal. Ironing out major bugs and whatnot comes first. But if you do implement it, you’ll just add 1 even more satisfied user to your list [:)]