WW On Palm Centro

Recently purchased the Palm Centro SmartPhone.

Palm OS version: Garnet v. 5.4.9

Maker: Sprint

Tried to install WW per the instructions including:

Installed Net Framework on my Windows Vista Laptop.

Downloaded the WW CAB file.

Looked for the “mobile devices” in “My Computer” on my Vista - saw nothing.

So, I installed “Card Reader” app. for the Palm and got a USB connection to my Palm.

Was then able to transfer the CAB file to my Palm.

Tapped the CAB file - and was advised that the file is not recognized by the OS.

So, will this particular Palm SmartPhone be able to use WW or am I missing something in the installation process?

Thanks, in advance, for any help or suggestions.

MDrabik, Weather Watcher Mobile will only run on the Windows Mobile OS.

Thanks, for the reply, Mike.

Maybe it’s there, and I didn’t see it, but perhaps a little note about that on your site would help to clarify this because I found at least one place on the Net that indicates that WW Mobile runs on any version of the Palm OS. I didn’t save that URL, but if there’s one, then there’s got to be others too. It’s just a thought and if you have the time.

Thanks again, Mike

It is listed as a requirement on the Weather Watcher Mobile download page:

I did see that, but my provider also refers to my device as a “Smartphone”. From what I understand from what I read at Wikipedia that “Smartphone” is a generic term and so I guess I misinterpreted the requirements for WW Mobile and some how convinced myself that my particular “Smartphone” with the Palm OS would work out too.

I guess I fell into something a n00b would do. :oops: :oops: :oops:

And now at least this topic is here for somebody else with n00bish inclinations to read and get some help from it.

Thanks, again, for the clarification, Mike

Well, a Pocket PC/Smartphone is one of the requirements… but, so is Windows Mobile 2003/5/6 :cool: