WW not updating

New to WW as of a couple of days ago, and I really like it. However, it seems that the weather won’t update. My tool tray indicates that it’s still the same 58 degrees that it was at 5:45 am on Sun 11/6, and it’s now 2pm on Tues 11/8.

The observed & downloaded times in the tool tip and in the main window display both show ~5:45 am on 11/6. I’ve clicked on the ‘update’ button, and sometimes, the updating progress bar comes up, most of the time it doesn’t.

I saw in another thread here that sometimes going to www.weather.com would solve this issue, and I tried that - it worked for one update, then it refused to update again.

The weird thing, is that I’ve got a weather map wallpaper enabled, and it is updating just fine!

I’m running XP Pro SP2, patched as of a couple of days ago, firewalled corp LAN (but the maps do get updated). If you need any other info, just ask, I’ll check back here regularly for tips & follow-ups.

I’ve really grown to hate WeatherBug’s ads (THANKS for making an ad-free version available!), and I haven’t yet found anything that seems to work well with fast user switching (I’d like to use the same proggy at home & work…).