WW not starting on Windows 8 startup

Dear Mike:

I am running Weather Watcher Live 7.1.8 under Windows 8 (desktop mode) using the “Classic Start Menu” plugin. The program runs fine, but does not start when Windows starts. I have checked the options to: “start Weather Watcher Live when Windows starts”, “start minimized”, and “refresh weather”. When I start Weather Watcher manually, everything works. Can you help? Thanks.

Do you have a link to the “Classic Start Menu” plugin? I trying googling that, but was unable to find a plugin with that exact name.

I just tested the “Start Weather Watcher Live when Windows starts” setting, and it worked as expected. I have all of the available Windows 8 updates installed. Is it possible that you’re running some type of security application that is blocking applications from starting with Windows?

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I am running Norton Internet Security version The link to the Classic Start Menu is: http://www.classicshell.net. (I’m not a fan of the Metro interface and this is an excellent shell that restores the look of Windows 7.) Hope this helps.

I’m not a fan of Metro either. Nice plugin!

After installing the plugin, I found Weather Watcher Live still started up with Windows. Check your Norton Internet Security settings to see if Weather Watcher Live is disabled from starting.

https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/hom … t=us&lg=en