WW main window not appearing in Vista

I have installed the newest version of Weather Watcher on my laptop that runs Vista Home Premium. Everything works fine; I can connect to the Internet and retrieve the weather. However, when I open the program, only the tray icon shows up on the taskbar near the time in the lower right corner. The main window is nowhere to be found. The program can be seen on the taskbar, next to other open programs, but a left click or right click on it does nothing. I have already reinstalled it once and the same thing happened; also, I created an exception for it in Windows Firewall. I’m at a loss.

The window’s position is off the screen, for some reason. RIGHT click on the Taskbar’s tab and select Maximize, adjust and resize accordingly.

I can’t right click on the taskbar button, only the tray icon.

If you delete the following registry key, Weather Watcher should reset itself:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher\Misc

Well, I deleted the Weather Watcher folder in my Program Files, and then reinstalled…and eveyrthing seems to be working fine now. I can see the main window now. Thanks for your help!