WW Invokes setup for Logitech Quickcam

This was a few days ago, so the 5.5a patch wasn’t out, but I was showing a client WW because he is kind of a weather geek and had Weather Bug installed…

Anyways, after clearing all the spyware off of his PC I loaded up WW for the first time. Instead of WW loading, the Logitech Quickcam 4000 setup routine was invoked.

Reinstalling both WW and the Quickcam drivers did no good, it always invokes the QuickCam setup, without ever starting WW, even though it’s listed as a running task.

My Client’s computer is a Dell Dimension 8500 with 512mb ram, Windows XPSP1.

The same thing happens with me too! What’s with that!?

BTW, in any future versions of Weather Watcher, could you please give users the option of whether or not an icon gets placed on their desktop? I keep my desktop nice and neat and don’t need EVERY program I install to have an icon of it placed on my desktop. That would be appreciated. Thanks.

What happens if you uninstall both programs. Then, install Weather Watcher, and then the Quickcam software.

I’ll look into my setup program to see if I have the option to allow the user to choose whether or not to install the Weather Watcher desktop icon.