WW incompatible with BartPE CD

Weather Watcher writes its weather.com data to the Windows’ Registry when it updates its forecasts thus preventing Weather Watcher from running on a Live XP CD. If Weather Watcher had an option to allow the forecasts update data to be saved to a separate file/folder it would resolve this problem.

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I’ve never seen such an option in any other program. I wonder how other companies handle this?

Companies that make software such as Partition Magic, Drive Image, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Office for example have ini, dat, tmp, and etc files for non-permanent data that default to folders on the hard drive and that can be redirected to other specific locations. On Live CDs they are redirected to a RAM disk. This option is not available for the Registry.

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That makes sense. What do they do with settings that are stored in the registry?