WW In Tray isnt Updating itself

when I hover over the temp in the tray it brings up the summary. I included the “Daylight Remaining” option and have noticed that it hasnt changed in the couple of hours since I first installed the program. The sunset time has already lapsed but it still says that there are 3.54 hours left of daylight…Also the temp has changed in the last 3 hours - it’s winter here so that cant be right either.

What is wrong and how do I fix it?

howdydoody, I have a few questions for you:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher are you using? Right-click the Weather Watcher system tray icon and choose About… to open the Weather Watcher About window.

2) In the Auto Update tab of the Weather Watcher Options window, what is currently selected in the Forecast Auto Update Rate dropdown box?

3) In the Auto Update tab of the Weather Watcher Options window, is the Only download updates when connected to the Internet box checked? If so, uncheck it (unless you’re using a dial-up Internet connection).

4) What happens if you click the UPDATE button on the main Weather Watcher window? Do you see any error messages? Does the date change at the bottom of the forecast after the weather has been updated?

Oh thanks Mike Singer.

I am using version 5.6.23

I just selected the Update every hour in the Auto Update option tab, and before it said Never Auto Update.

I dont get an error message if I manually choose receive update, but rather is updates.

Thanks, I think the problem is solved now.

One further question though, will running this program in the tray, and getting the updates every hour slow down the running of my computer??

You should not notice a difference in speed while Weather Watcher is running.

tray icon will not update–another user’s problem

Running from a limited user account in XP Pro with v5.6.23, tray does not update. If I try to do a manual Update, the Downloading Weather Data progress bar shows but makes no progress. Eventually the bar goes away with no update having happened. From the admin account, I have set all user permissions to read/write for the \Program\Weather Watcher folder and its files.

I can successfully change the settings for the limited user tray appearance [what values to show, etc.]

[Updating and everything works OK for an admin user–except for the appearance of the temp symbol in the tray. To fix that requires changing the background color from white to the color of the tray–and yet the default tray temp color works fine for the limited user]

Are there other WW files elsewhere that need read/write settings?


more symptons of previous message

The current info [and download time] shown on the limited user’s Weather Watcher page is the data/time that the admin user last did the update [manually or automatically]. Same for the other pages. Yet the tray data never seems to change. It is way old and does not seem to change at all. It uses the skinned tray tooltip window. Yet the tray data is fine for the admin user.

You’re limited user(s) do not have update capabilities to the appropiate portions of the WW folder. Settings and a like are stored in the user’s Registry but the actual WW windows require the capabilities of writing the .HTML files to the appropriate WW skin’s Forecast folder.