WW for Mac

Hi all

My name is Graham, i’m a disabled person, in a wheelchair, i teach computers at a school with kids from age 5 to 12.

I’ve used WW on and off for awhile now and i really like how it gives me up-to-date weather, as i go to my school in my wheelchair and it helps me work out when to leave home.

My Question is (sorry if this is wrong place to post) there a mac version of Weather Watcher and where can i find it.


Weather Watcher is only available for Windows. I am working on a Firefox extension. That extension will run on any operating system that can run Firefox – including Mac :thumbright:

There is not. WW’s design interfaces with Windows’ Internet Explorer and there is no Mac version of it either. If I’m not mistaken there is a thing called Wine that runs on a Mac that supports Windows apps I just don’t know if it includes Internet Explorer.

Does Apple support independents writing apps for it’s machines? I thought Jobs liked to keep everything close to Apple.

That sounds cool i use firefox on the mac its really cool.

Thanks for letting me be apart of the WW world.