WW feature request: graphs

Thank you, Mr. Singer for Weather Watcher. :icon_smile: A feature I’d really like to see is the ability to graph all of the weather conditions (or selected values) with a data point for each time the “observed time” is updated. Besides being cool, it would give an immediate feel for what direction things are headed. And it would even be fun to graph the sunrise/sunset times.
If the full graphing capabilities are kind of a large software order, how about the ability to keep appending logged values to a csv file? Perhaps with data points older than N days being deleted?
Thank you,

wslb, that’s kind of how I was picturing that feature as well. Right now, there is no way to retrieve history data, so the idea would only work if Weather Watcher was set to auto update at an interval that was close to the time the weather was updated at weather.com.

I might be able to access history data with Weather Watcher Live. Weather Watcher Live uses WeatherBug’s data as the source, and I have a pretty good working relationship with them.

Since you don’t have access to history data online, It doesn’t sound too hard (to me :???: ) to build up and locally store a history. Set auto update for a value somewhat smaller than the weather data update interval (for regular WW) or to the desired interval (for real time data from WWL). When data is observed with a timestamp more recent than the last value in the log (history) file, append the new data to the log/history file.
How’s that sound?

That is what I attempted to suggest above :icon_smile:

Since not everyone runs Weather Watcher 24-7, this idea will not work for everyone. If I was able to access the history data by start date and end date, anyone would be able to use the feature. I think I’ll explorer this option first. If that’s not possible, then it seems your suggestion is the only way to go.