WW.exe Starts but does not appear in the taskbar

This problem has only been going on for the last 2 versions; 5.3 worked perfectly for me. I’m using XP Pro SP2. I have Weather watcher set to start when windows starts and to be minimized. When my computer starts up, weather watcher loads (according to Taskmanager ww.exe is listed as running) but it does not display the temp in the taskbar. If I close/stop ww.exe and restart it the program works 100% fine. I have a few other programs set to load on startup (mIRC, K9 Spam filter) and those work as they should. If I Uncheck the start minimized option, I get the inital screen for weather watcher, but when that is minimized it just dissapears and does not show the temp in the taskbar. I also tried just adding weather watcher to the startup folder and unchecking the start with windows option, but it behaves the same way. Any help or guidence would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows how to change the order of when programs are loaded (load ww.exe before the other programs that start up) or how to delay it so that it waits a minute or so before it starts. Thx for any help you can give