WW eats 98% CPU

[:(] In addition to misnaming days in “Hourly Forecast” and freezing when updating, my WW has been eating 98% CPU and 50% memory, as indicated by the Task Manager. The computer became unuseable, screen stopped working. After reinstalling a few times, I’ve had to remove it. I can only hope that next version will behave more adequately.

PS I am running XP home SP2 on P4 2Ghz machine.

Not nice, Luna. A few questions:

1 - Did you close all applications when you first installed WW?
2 - Did you uninstall WW before reinstallations
(with all aps closed)?
3 - Do you have the latest version - v5.5b dated 11/13/04 and
the hourly fix dated 12/5/04?
4 - Once you get it right, are you prepared to get hooked on WW
like so many of us are?

Maybe you should hang in there and see how the new v5.6 works for you. It could be your Christmas gift. The price is up to you.

Good luck…

Eagle [:)] I’ve been using WW forever. I don’t know why it stopped working. [:(] But I was indeed hooked. [;)]

Right on - I am waiting impatiently for v5.6! [:D]

Actually, in fact I didn’t close all programs when installing. [V] I am so used to this warning that I ignore it. Do you think it could really matter? [:I]

They say this is necessary because applications running in the background can sometimes interfere and cause errors with the installation. I’ve often installed programs without closing all aps, but with the realization there is a risk. Most times I do take the time to close them.

It may be that during your WW installation you got the dreaded corrupted file because of interference from another running application.

I had this - CPU sat at 100% ww.exe

On opening, the % bar was about 50% of processing weather data, and appeared stuck there. beta exe

Do you know if installing w/ no programs running fixes the problem of it being 100%? I just installed WW for the first time, and it seems GREAT. I just now restarted my pc, things were running slow so I brought up the task manager and it was goin back and forth from 98% to 100%. I will try to uninstall it, and then install it again w/ nothing running in the background. I will be back to let you know if it helped or not.

A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths, A Soldier Dies But Once!

so far, so good. I uninstalled it, closed all programs and installed it again. Then I started it up, w/ the task manager up to see what would happen and for a couple of seconds I thought that it was goin to be the same but it dropped down to 4% and below. Like I said earlier, I am new to weather watcher but it seems like it is pretty cool. Right now with all the snow and stuff it is a perfect time to be able to have up to date weather info, and have it when you want it.

One thing I was weary of when I installed it was that I have heard that alot of these weather programs come w/ spyware… anyone know anything about that?

A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths, A Soldier Dies But Once!

WW has no spyware or adware in it. That’s why we love it.

tre2004 – Check out the following link:

http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/Weat … -4711.html

only wen it retrieve forcast the cpu run up to 100 % but it takes 2 second the it’s drops back to 2%
i use just now beta 5.6
so keep up the good work ,love the program

watch out for the dragon

Woke up this morning, and again it’s sat at 100% CPU. Been like it for 7 hours according to the CPU time in Task Manager, and on clicking the taskbar icon, when it opens, is stopped at 50% on the ‘Processing Weather Data…’ bar.

So I guess there is a bug in your parsing of the weather data that can use 100% cpu. Active City is 30188, just in case some random data from there is giving problems.

Press the update button manually (after a restart of ww) and it updates fine. Have you a debug version that traces the activity in there that I can run and send the log when it goes into a never ending loop?

warder – Are you using the 5.6 beta, or the 5.6 beta 2? You should try the beta 2 if you’re still using the first beta.