WW Downloader Error???

he?? Suddenly 1 hour ago I got error from WW Downloader “Path/file access error”, what is that now ??? :???:
Everytime when WW trys to update, is can not and I get this error.

Shot at 2007-07-11

any ideas?

Are you using Vista?
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It sounds like the permission changed on the “C:\Program Files\Weater Watcher\dl.exe” application and/or the Weather Watcher program folder.

XP User

dont know, but after reboot now it works again :shock:

Got the same thing here while running Vista Home Premium, but it was only when trying to refresh the wallpaper. Rebooting cleared it up for now, but I’m willing to bet it’ll happen again. Hmmmm…

Vista users will encounter this by default unless you follow instructions in the other threads.

XP users should not run into it at all…

I have one about all the blank space around your little image. :twisted:



could you please help me with my problem with the skins http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … =9256#9256