WW Does Not Show up in Tray

I updated to the new Weather Watcher 5.0.22 and now the Temp wont show up in the system tray. Even when I click on the desktop short cut the progam wont pop up. When I check the task Manager it says that Weather Watcher is running. Thanks for anyhelp.

If it matters im using Windows Xp Pro.

[i]Originally posted by Vegeta[/i]
If it matters im using Windows Xp Pro.

I have XP Pro and it works fine. Try changing your colors and font sizes…

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I cant get it to pull up at all. The only way i know it is even working is becuase the windows task manager says it is. It wont even pull up when I double click on the desktop icon?

I had that problem the first time I downloaded it. It was my mistake as I didn’t specify what directory to download to. I had the desktop icon, but it did not point to anywhere. Try uninstalling it and do it again being sure you download it to a directory folder. Goodluck!

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Since I am not having this problem, it will be tough to fix. Try downloading 5.0.22a (later tonight). I am going to attempt to add a fix for that.

Looks like 5.0.22a took care of what ever the problem was! Thank you sir! Great program![:D]