ww current conditions

Can anyone help with an odd problem. I installed ww on my laptop and
it works great (xp sp2). Liked it a lot so I installed on my Pc (xp sp2 as well). All works except for current conditions on the icon hover or the main interface. Everything but sunrise and sunset is
N/A. I assume it is a slight difference in the security level?. I tried disabling Microsoft Anti spyware, and the Avast anti virus, (although I have these both on the laptop). Help!.
PS. It is not a firewall problem either as both are wireless routed
through the same modem/router.

Never mind, it has just started working, very strange.


Steve, whenever Weather Watcher has a problem with data check the weather.com site with your browser to confirm that it is up. They have been having some problems it seems of late with their servers.


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