WW coding & Alerts

Does not the WW coding allow for conditional tests? In other words,

if A=B
do This
do Something else.

And if so, could not the WW Forecast windows for Daily, Hourly and Detailed display a link to file:///C:/Program%20Files/Weather%20Watcher/Skins/Forecasts/Eds/Alert1.html if the XML data contains the tag? Something simple like the word Alert, in red, on the far right hand side of the Title line. And maybe the background for the WW Tooltip could be a light red at the same time. And (else [:)]) the displays would not display the link.

The Current Conditions page seems able to handle this why not the other pages?

Currently unless someone sees the Alert Tooltip pop up or has the Current Conditions as their default view alerts are totally missed.

At least with the 1st alert under 5.6 b8a WW didn’t display a blank window. [;)] [:)]

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