WW (any version) Suddenly Can't Find Internet Connection..

I’ve been using an older version (the last regular WW before Live) and all has been okay up until the past week. The program started to misbehave at that point and wouldn’t update by itself, even though I had that option selected, but I could manually update it.

Currently, I haven’t had an update since two days ago, and now I can no longer manually update, either. It tries, and then I get the message that “WW was not able to locate your internet connection. Please verify the following, etc.”

I am indeed connected, my firewall is configured to allow WW, I tried all the tweaks posted at the link www.SingersCreations.com/SNF – nothing. I tried downloading WW Live thinking that perhaps my old version was no longer supported, but still no dice.

Any suggestions? I hope to get this running again, I love this little app… it’s so fantastic. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Did you recently install new antivirus, firewall and/or other security-related software updates? A lot of software auto updates these days, so it’s quite possible that an update was installed behind the scenes.

This is on the SNF page, but did you try opening the Windows Task Manager and shutting down all programs that are not needed by Windows? That will ensure that all of your security-related software is not running. At that point, you could run Weather Watcher (Live) to see if it connects to the Internet.

I tried uninstalling, then I rebooted, ran CCleaner for good measure, and reinstalled. That seems to have fixed it. Thank you! I love your program. :slight_smile:

I am consistently seeing a “WW was not able to locate your internet connection” dialog pop-up, but only at start-up (boot). If I click ‘OK’, all is well afterward. I’ve been using WW for a year, and this just started happening during past month or so.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix?

markbl, since this message pops up when Windows starts, it seems that your computer does not have an Internet connection when Weather Watcher Live starts up and attempts to retrieve the weather. It would be hard to guess why this just started happening – maybe start by thinking of things you recently changed and undo those changes one at a time.

You could try checking the “Only attempt to download data when…” checkbox in the “Internet” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window. While that feature might not work on all systems, if it does work for you, it should prevent Weather Watcher Live from attempting to retrieve the weather when no Internet connection is found.

Many thanks – this seems to have resolved the problem (checking the “Only attempt to download data when…” checkbox in the “Internet” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window).

As of 2 days ago, WW stopped connecting to the internet. I have changed nothing.

danmeek, a lot of software auto updates these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something was changed on your system without your knowledge. It’s possible that your Internet provider blocked you from accessing WeatherBug.com or a new antivirus or other security-related software update was automatically installed and blocked Weather Watcher Live from accessing the Internet

The following link offers some suggested fixes for this problem:

I had the exact same problem last week.

I have been using WW for more than a year, and it has been working fine on my Windows XP SP3 system.

Then suddenly last week, I was unable to connect.

This went on for several days.

I tried un-installing and re-installing WW’s current version, and also several previous versions, and nothing seemed to work, so I gave up hope.

I checked my Firewall and Antivirus software, and nothing was blocking my connection.

I was even able to go directly to website where WW’s weather data is obtained, using both Firefox and IE7, with no problems connecting.

Yet I could not connect to this same website from WW.

Then this past Monday, a different program told me I needed to install the latest version of Adobe Flash.

After I went to Adobe’s website, and installed the latest version, suddenly my Weather Watcher was able to connect again!

It has been working fine ever since! :icon_smile:

A few weeks ago, I also suddenly had a problem with Weather Watcher being unable to connect to the internet.

I tried for days to resolve this. I uninstalled and re-installed WWL multiple times, and many different versions which I had saved on my computer. Nothing worked.

I played with all the suggestions mentioned at this forum. Checked my firewall and antivirus for blocked connections to the weather update page.

Then one day, GMAIL (google email website) told me I needed to update Adobe Flash. After I did this, suddenly Weather Watcher was able to connect again.