WW Alert bug(s)

5.6.41 and Windows XP SP3

If Sound Options is set to New Severe Weather Alert the sound will be heard even when the alert is set to be Ignored by the Severe Alert Filter.

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Does the alert balloon also pop up from the Weather Watcher tray icon?

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Not for the one ignored.

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??? :-s

The alert settings plus the alert popup. The alert sound was played also.

The resulting alert window.

VERY strange. :-k

Win XP SP3, WW 5.6.41.

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Re: Alert sound bug

Different pc, same OS (Win XP SP3), same WW (5.6.41), same problem.

The Alert sound and popup

The actual alert (Do you see the word “creek” in the alert??)
Note the tab’s title

The WW alert setting

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EdP, the Weather Watcher build below contains some tweaked code in the alert area where I think this problem is occurring. At this point, this is the best I can do since I’m not able to reproduce this problem.

I also added logging to that section of the code. Any errors that appear behind the scenes will now be logged in the “WeatherWatcher.log” file.


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Hello Mike. Thanks for responding.

I’m really not interesting in trying a different app. Maybe when the improvements you made to WWL move across to WW they will resolve the problem or at least help identify it.

I was wondering if there could be the word “creek” in a header portion of the alerts, a part that we don’t see, that the alert search is seeing. Kind of like an email’s heading.

I haven’t tried using a different exclusion string. I may look into doing that to see if it helps or supports replicating the problem.

Can you provide a link to the weather alerts WW sees?

Ya know if the WW apps were open source or more modular they might be easier to maintain. :cool:

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Hmm… so, you’re not ever going to upgrade to newer versions of Weather Watcher when they are released? It would be a shame to see you use version 5.6.42 forever… especially when the 5.6.43 build I posted above might resolve this issue.

Weather Watcher sees the alerts exactly as they appear at www.weather.com. I think Weather Watcher might have been throwing an error somewhere within the alert processing, eating the error, continuing anyhow, and resulting with bad data.

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That not what you said above. You said

and that’s a different product.

Weather Watcher sees the alerts exactly as they appear at http://www.weather.com.

Yes, I would like to see what they and WW sees. I think there is more to it than what the WW Alert window shows.

It you look at the Jan 3 alert popup image it refers to “Creek”, like it’s a proper name. That might be a clue.

My alert exclusion is lowercase “creek” but most alerts display as uppercase. That might be a clue.

You mentioned 5.6.42, on the nb I’m running 5.6.41 but I seem to recall a 42. Where was it posted?

And yes I will try the 5.6.43 version. Thank you. :icon_smile:

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EdP, typo noted and fixed above. The link is unchanged though.

Yes, Weather Watcher does clip some of the alert text before it is displayed in Weather Watcher. However, the case-insensitive filter comparison occurs prior to the clipping. The full text that Weather Watcher sees is exactly as seen at weather.com.\

I don’t think 42 was posted anywhere in my forums. I don’t always post every build.

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As suspected and that just might be the cause of the problem.

I don’t think 42 was posted anywhere in my forums.

Well, you’re the one who brought it up. And the version now running is 43. :icon_smile:

Re: Alert sound bug

  1. 5.6.42 > see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2468&start=5 :wink:

  2. 5.6.43 > prevented my WiFi NIC from connecting to my router so I have reverted to 5.6.41. #-o

Normally when I open my nb the NIC connects within 1-2 seconds. With 5.6.43 installed the NIC would try for 30 seconds or more before defaulting to the Windows 169.254.x.x address. Same problem even after rebooting. I restored the c: drive (backed up yesterday) and now everything is back to normal.

Have reinstalled 5.6.43. Will see what happens this time.

Well, everything is good so far with 5.6.43. :thumbright: Not sure what happened the last time. Will have to wait for warmer weather to test it with CREEK alerts.

Re: WW Alert bug(s) (Wallpaper)

Seems that a related bug is that if an Alert is ignored it still
causes a wallpaper update. I’d really rather it didn’t do that
as the alert in question isn’t applicable to me.(5.6.23)
I used the latest rev. on another PC with the same result
so I don’t think updating will help.

saltcedar, just to clarify, are you filtering alerts out in the “Severe Alert” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window?

Yes that’s correct.

I was able to reproduce this problem. I’ll include a fix in the next Weather Watcher release.

FYI 5.6.45 definitely addresses my “CREEK” alert problem. But it handles it a little more completely than I was expecting. Not only is the filter suppressing the alert tray balloon and alert sound, which is all I was hoping for, it’s suppressing the alert window also. Thus to see the filtered alert I have to go to Weather.com.

Any chance the filtering can be scaled back a bit or have options as to where to apply it? Balloon, Sound, Wallpaper, All?