WW 6 beta 32 bug

I found a bug on Active Stations.

I chosed the airport near my location that is Milan Linat in Italy.

On the google map the position is completely wrong: it is located in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and not in the north part of Italy.

I noted also that the traybar icon is displaying now a moon with stars when it would display a sun (it is 10.26 local time).

Thanks for attention.

Brama, the longitude and latitude coordinates are not correct for cities outside of the US. WeatherBug is currently working to resolve that issue in their datafeed.

I checked out the weather station in question and it is currently displays moons in the upcoming hours (in the Hourly forecast). That looks to be correct right now since it is nighttime there.

Can you post a screenshot of the Weather Watcher Live system tray and the Hourly forecast?

Dear Mike, thanks for the fast reply.
Milan Linat is in Italy and it is not night at the moment, it is 15.42 (3.42 PM).
It should display a sun, not a moon with stars :icon_smile:

Here my desktop:



The hourly forecast data is currently being cached too long by the WeatherBug data feed. This issue should be resolved tomorrow.