WW 5.6 disactivates IE Proxy server

Firstly congratulations on your fine application that I have been using now for the past 2 years. The pb I am having is with WW Version 5.6 (& 5.6.1), for some reason WW “disactivates” the “use Proxy server” option in IE. Result is that I cannot connect to the Internet since the PROXY is no longer configured. When I connect over another network (at home) that does not require a proxy server everything works fine (but the proxy option is still negated). This pb appears at the office where a proxy is obligatory. Version 5.5e works fine from the office thru the proxy but 5.6 does not. Why are you modifying IE options? I saw in another post that during beta testing you were forcing some IE options. Is it possible (via some configuration) in version 5.6 to tell ww not to touch IE parameters?