WW 5.6 Beta 8: Unable to change forecast skin

I just installed the full version of WW 5.6 Beta 8, and when I try to change the forecast skin from Classic to another one, nothing happens, and when I reopen the Options window, it shows Classic as selected at the forecast skin.

I have the same problem. After changing the Forecast skin and clicking on the Apply and OK buttons when I reopen the WW window it is still the Classic display (which isn’t a bad skin at all). And the Options window shows it as the one being selected. [V]

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I’ll check it out.

Thanks Mike. [:)]

The Registry entry shows the selected option so part of the selection is taking.

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The Repackaged beta 8 seems to have resolved the problem.

However, “You only need to reinstall your copy of the beta if you are experiencing any of the above problems.” wasn’t sufficient. I had to redownload the Beta Upgrade file to fix the problem.

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Thanks Mike for fixing this so quickly.