WW 5.6.53 Observed time incorrect

New Zealand is now in Standard time +12 UTC as we have come out of daylight saving on 1 April, but the observed time is 1 hour fast, is this a WW problem or Weather Channel?

The only Time settings for WW are on the Option’s General tab and they make no reference to Daylight or Standard times so it is unlikely WW is the cause.

If you go to Weather.com what time does it show for your location?

I suspect either Weather.com is reporting it wrong or your Windows’ clock settings are wrong. It is very common here for people to correct the time on their pc’s clock but not their time zone.

BTW We here switched to Daylight Saving Time March 11. I suspect you are on it also and that could explain your time problem also.

Thanks Ed_P, PC time and location is ok, Weather.com site is showing correct time, but this afternoon correct observed time is now showing…All is good! :icon_smile:

In NZ we go to summer time in October and revert to standard time first weekend in April, now in Autumn season, so we have Winter on the way!

Ah yes, of course. #-o While my eyes were seeing New Zealand my mind was registering Netherlands. ](*,)

Happy to hear the problem has cleared up for you. =D>