WW 5.6.34 new install, new machine, no skins

Windows XP SP3
WW 5.6.34
1st time install

The initial startup of WW, from the install window, has no skins to choose. A Skins folder exist in the Program Files folder but no Skins folder in the Windows Profile folder.


07/31/2008 17:10:07: Error 76: Path not found at line 1120 (modMain.Main) (5.6.34)

Shutting down WW and restarting it migrates the Skins folder over.

After configuring the options and skins including the location of the WW window (lower right corner) but letting the tray tooltip float so to speak things looked ok. I then changed the System Tray’s temp icon’s color and attribute to bold. Now moving the mouse over the temp results in the Tooltip showing only the weather icon in a box in the middle of the screen and the WW window now opens there also.

Installing .34 over my .33 on my XP SP3 system did not exhibit these problems.

I’ll take a look.

Do you see the same behavior after restarting Weather Watcher?

No. Fortunately.

FWIW On my nb I have a WeatherWatcher.log in my Windows Profile with the following contents:07/21/2008 17:22:46: Error 70: Permission denied at line 1340 (modMain.Main) 07/24/2008 17:28:52: Error 70: Permission denied at line 1340 (modMain.Main) 07/31/2008 01:08:40: Error 70: Permission denied at line 1340 (modMain.Main) (5.6.34)

I suspect the 1st two entries are for .32 and .33

Yes, I just added the version number in 5.6.34.

That error is in the area of the code where Weather Watcher merges your skin files after a new install and/or when the skins are updated in “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher”. Are you ever missing any of your skins after either of the above happens?

None of my skins are missing that I can tell. I have many skins as you may imagine. And I usually use my versions rather than those in the standard WW set.

At this point my skins are in both the WW install Skins folder and the WW Windows Profile’s Skins folder so each update takes a minute to copy everything to the Windows Profile folder. I’ve recently made plans to try and separate my skins from the WW Skins in the WW install folder.

Anyway that error msg could give a clue as to what type of skin; Interface, Forecast, Icon, Tooltip and/or which skin?

Currently, the entire skins folder is copied as a single folder. It would be possible to copy each folder individually… at the cost of extra code and time. I don’t think it would be worthwhile since only a handful of people would see any benefits.

I agree.

But I don’t see how this addresses the questions about the error log msgs or the initial startup of WW, from the install window, not having any skins to choose from. I don’t recall at this point whether it was due to the folder being empty or totally non-existent.

The next Weather Watcher release will address that issue. For now, just restart Weather Watcher as a workaround.