WW 5.6.25 unable to connect via proxy


I’ve updated to the letest 5.6.25 version of WW, and I usually connect ot the internet via proxy, and my proxy requires authentication. With this version, it no longer works - says Unable to locate your itnernet connection. I’ve configure all necessary proxy settings but still no use. FYI, it was worknig in earlier version before with proxy turned on.

For the record, I’ve also tried (using a direct internet connection), and removed all proxy settings from both WW and IE and it works, so it looks like the proxy auth bit is not worknig in WW?

Anyone has any ideas?


wlgspotter, give the following build a try:

Tried the new build but still doesn’t work with proxy authentication…

wlgspotter, did you try installing an old version of Weather Watcher after upgrading to 5.6.25? If not, please give that a try to see if it’ll still work. If you find that it does work, please let me know which version you tried.

Hi Mike:

I was planning to ryr an older version, but I don’t have the installation file anymore. Wondering where can I download them from? As far as I recall, it stopped working from 5.6.25 onwards

Hi Mike:

Just an update - I found 5.6.24 and tried it seemed to work. The proxy tabs and the internet settings tabs were different from 5.6.25

wlgspotter, try installing Weather Watcher 5.6.25 again. After the install completes, download the following updated files into your Weather Watcher install directory (default = “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher”):


Hi Mike:

Thanks for this. Tried it with 5.6.25 again (the updated version from link above) and it seemed to work now.


The following updated “GetFile.exe” build will encode the proxy username and password – meaning characters other than letters and numbers will validate properly.


msinger, please… share new links… I have same problem related in this post… and listed links was broken. thanks!

You should be able to resolve this issue by installing the current version of Weather Watcher from here.