Wunderground forecast

Wunderground in WWL has a forecast of sunny days for the next 10 days but when I go their web site it’s showing cloudy and chance of rain in the next couple days. Similar differences show up occasionally. Any ideas why?

Also, as far as their forecast, do they use National Weather Service or their own forecasting models?

This is for the Portland, Oregon USA area.

Weather Underground has various data feeds available. They recently redesigned their website, so they might have switched to another data feed too.

Which weather station are you using? I’d like to take a look at those differences.

I’m not sure where Weather Underground gets its forecast data from. They are owned by The Weather Channel, so I would assume they are using whatever The Weather Channel is using.

I’m using Marylhurst University, near 90768. Since we are so close to Portland, Oregon I assume the forecast is actually for Portland as we don’t have our own unique weather patterns.

I assume the forecast is actually for Portland as we don’t have our own unique weather patterns
I know NWS issues forecasts per zip code. I’m not sure if Weather Underground and/or WeatherBug modify at all based on terrain or other factors that might affect the forecast.

Thanks for the weather station. I’ll take a look and get back to you.

Marylhurst University is in Lake Oswego, OR. NWS has different forecasts for Lake Oswego and Portland, so that might explain the differences you were seeing. Here’s a comparison from NWS:


And here’s a comparison between Weather Watcher and Weather Underground:


Weather Watcher and Weather Underground do not match 100%, but both forecasts are fairly close.

Thanks, Mike but I’m still confused. Why wouldn’t WWL displayed forecast be the same as the Weatherunderground website forecast? I assume WWL pulls raw data info and just displays so my assumption would be that WU isn’t sending the same data for WWL as they display on their site. But why? I must be missing something.

I had the same thing happen this morning. Note the website showed clear icons from Friday on while in WWL Fri and Sun are partly cloudy. Note too the temperature forecast can be off too. Tuesday shows 87 (website) vs 82 (WWL).

FWIW, WWL version 7.2.5


Weather underground web site

Below are from WWL



The top of your Weather Underground image is cut off. What’s the URL for that page?

Why wouldn’t WWL displayed forecast be the same as the Weatherunderground website forecast
They could be using a different weather data feed for their website. I know they are not using my data feed for sure (since they created a custom data feed for Weather Watcher). I would assume the data should come from the same database though.

I just click on their icon in WWL and this is the page address:

http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/fin … KORLAKEO12

Okay. Thanks for confirming.

I’ll check with Weather Underground and see if they can explain the difference.

Mike, did you ever hear back from Weatherunderground on why the difference?

There is a substantial difference today. Their web site shows one rain forecast and WWL shows another. I’ve attached screenshots of the two. Note that this for the same stations and zip.

Also, the web forecast is more in line with forecasts from other sources so the WWL forecast is way off.



I see that you are using 7.2.5. Try using the newest version that is 7.2.17

I’m using 7.2.16. When I select Check for Update it reports back that’s the latest version.

Out of curiosity, how did you determine I was using 7.2.5?


It was in one of your posts. go here and you can version 7.2.17.


Thanks. I should have reported the version number as an update.

I’ve installed 7.2.17 but Weatherunderground still shows a significant difference between their web site and what’s reported in WWL. I’m assuming they are not giving the correct data to WWL.

Now we just wait and see if anything can be done about this.

I can only hope.

I much prefer WU web site vs Weatherbug if I need to go the site. But Weatherbug in WWL is at least consistent between the two and generally accurate. Or at least as accurate as it can be in Oregon.

I am in Oregon too. The Salem / Turner area.

The newly redesigned Weather Underground website uses Weather.com’s forecast models. Weather Watcher is still using the Weather Underground forecast models. I’m working with them to switch my data feed over to Weather.com’s forecast models. I’ll follow up here when I have an update.

My Weather Underground data feed was updated today around 2 PM EST. If you’re using an international weather station, you won’t have any daily forecast data. I’m going to release a new version to work around that issue until my data feed can be fixed.

Here’s a new build that includes fixes needed for the updated data feed. It’s okay to install this over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.