Wrong weekday's names "more" (in Polish)

Please do something with the wrong day’s names - in the enclosed picture they say in the “more” option Sobota (Saturday), Niedziela (Sunday) , instead of Wtorek (Tuestay), Sroda (Wednesday).
I checked - the names are wrong, in the comparison to my 7-Day Forecast.
I will be grateful for improving it.
Best rgds, - J

Janeo, which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using? It looks like you have an old version. The reason I say that is because the most recent version of Weather Watcher Live includes a fix for the station name (displays as “Okecie”, rather than “Okeci”).

I use the version 0.0.40, the newest one.
I am upgrading with no deinstalation is it is not required.
ps: tks for Okecie instead of Okeci :lol:
Best rgds, - J.


I guess you have the same issue than the one posted in thread ‘Daily Bug’. If you go to Daily tab, you will probably see that the first day is the 30th of December which is a Saturday.

Best regards.

Hi Olivier,
Thanks for a remark - in fact, the same phenomenon… But even I used http://www.box.net/shared/static/zzcqb34sgw.exe it did not help.
I still have wrong names, and in the Daily-tab I also (and still) have 30 December as Sutarday (BTW, what does this concern the year? I think not 2008, even in 2007, 30th was on Sunday :-s ).

From the last moment - it helped! Probably improvement after Weather Watcher Live has connected to the server.

But ‘Okeci’ remained… :shock:
B.rgds, - J.

Janeo, yes, you’ll have to retrieve the weather again in order to resolve this issue after install that update.

You’ll have to delete and re-add your weather station to fix the “Okeci” name.

Thanks, it helped :thumbright:
Anyway, I discovered the same problem with another station in Katowice (Poland):
‘Pyrzowic’ instead of the correct name ‘Pyrzowice’ :cry:
Best regards,

This is what I see when I search for Katowice:


Can you post a screenshot?

Thanks for reply.
It is OK now, I had an old entry in Weather Watcher Live :slight_smile:
Best regards,