Wrong weather info stuck on the full display

I tried both download versions available from the site right now. The first one (slimmer version?) failed to load any weather information or graphics on the full display window.

Did some searching online, someone said something about having to use the full install version, so I got the bundle, installed it.

It SEEMED to work fine, except that the information it collected that first time it retrieved weather is now stuck and has not changed.

To be clear…

The systray icon shows the correct info. The balloon shows the correct info.
The full display window: Current, Hourly and Daily… perhaps the maps too, don’t know, has not been anything happening to compare one to another with… do not work.
The day it displays still says it is Wednesday, 54 degrees, and so on.

I both manually ask it to retrieve the weather info and I have it set up to do so automatically every half hour.

Weather Watcher v5.6.22
XP Home

Any ideas?

Could you provide a link/URL to the place that gave you that information?

No. I cleared my web pages.

Just out of curiosity… how does where I got the recommendation to use the full install effect what the program is doing/not doing?

It may not help you with your problem but correcting the source of bad advice may prevent others from being mislead.

I suspect your problem is due to your IE settings but without more info it’s impossible to guess which one/s. It could be something some av/spyware/malware sw you have changed automatically or it could be something you changed manually. IE is used to display the WW forecast windows and by default doesn’t automatically clear cookies and history but since your IE history is gone obviously something is different with your IE settings. In that you say the Tooltip is accurate it’s not an Internet access problem which is good.

Can you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

I understand about the wrong info, sorry, I use Mozilla’s Firefox… it does what it’s told, clears history data like a good browser. lol

As for IE, it would have to be a manual setting if that is the issue, I do not have any malware. I run a tight ship and just got a clean bill of health from Major Geeks too.

IE is not my default browser and will not be made my default browser, so I hope that is not what it takes to make WW work correctly. lol

What are (if any) XP services dependencies for WW? I have used BlackViper’s XP services list to thin out XP’s start-up bulk.

I am not seeing how to attach the screen shot. I am not much into forums, a little help and I will comply.

:iconbiggrin: I like your attitude housiemousie2. :wink:

I did not mean to imply that you had malware rather that you have antispyware/antimalware/antivirus sw that may have changed some of IE’s settings.

Whether IE is your default browser or not is immaterial as far as WW is concerned. WW uses IE to display it’s windows.

What are (if any) XP services dependencies for WW?

None that I am aware of.

And now to slowly pull you deeper into the world of forums :twisted: see this thread for a two step process on how to capture and post a screen image.


Hijacked by an invited program is possible.
Spybot - though I am no longer running TeaTimer, haven’t in a while now.
Spyware Guard (though I have not gotten a warning from it when I installed WW.)
Zone Alarm free… yes, permissions are set to allow both IE and WW Access and Internet… neither is set to allow as Server, but both are set to prompt for server level access.
Active Virus Shield, installed, does not load at start up… has not been loaded since before I installed WW.
CCleaner, again doesn’t load at start, hasn’t run since before WW.

I knew how to get a screen shot both through Windows and I have had Printkey2000, on every computer I have had, for years. lol But it is good to cover the bases, saves double back time for when you encounter someone who doesn’t.

Thanks for the info/site… I did not know there were temporary image hosting sites… good to know.

http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/9993/w … herqh0.jpg

What are the settings in IE that WW needs? lol And why doesn’t it look like an IE window?

I doubt you’ve been hijacked but I will bet you’re running from a limited access account. You installed WW from your Admin account and have now reverted to your normal account. The WW folder needs to be set as Shared with Modify Access so limited access users can have the WW running on their ids update the html files.

If you’re concerned about spyware and alike I’m surprised you don’t run Windows Defender. I’ve heard of Spybot and ZA and CCLeaner but not the others. If Active Virus Shield is your av and it doesn’t load at start up what good is it? What do you use for your normal av?

While I have SpyBot and Adaware I only run them about once a month or so. In that I don’t click on every popup ad I see, and I don’t get many of those, and am generally skeptical of all ads I don’t get spyware. I like SpywareBlaster as a background type of defense. And like you I run ZA. And ZA has to provide both WW.exe AND DL.exe Internet access.

Thanks for the info/site… I did not know there were temporary image hosting sites… good to know.

Oh my, you are such a babe in the woods. :lol: :razz:

This is the first time I have had multiple accounts… the whole shared folder concept is a new critter for me, but I got it done and all is well in WW land.

Thank you for your help!

To be honest I guard against spyware by being very selective about what I do with my machine and where I point my browser to. It has been ages since I have had any serious malware issues and I have never had a virus, trojan or other like object… aside from the one that was already on my second second-hand machine when it was given to me. All of my machines have been second (or more) hand.

I want to say that I heard of Spyware Guard through either PC World Magazine or … uh, name escapes me… the Shields Up! site people… GRC? I think, lol.

I too use AdAware, didn’t mention it because unlike Spybot it does not seem to do anything extra when the program is not open. lol Well, I guess Spybot doesn’t either unless I reload TeaTimer… need to do that too, thanks for reminding me… after a fashion.

As for Windows Defender, I have simply not heard much about it and have not seen a need for it.
Active Virus Shield was part of the Major Geeks Malware Removal Procedure, so I just kept it afterwards, having run through those steps just to make sure my latest second hand machine was clean.
I do not run a virus program full time, I do weekly scans of many different types and call it good. All of my personal files are backed up on another drive, so reinstalling is a snap… I keep my favored program install exes there too.

Mozilla’s Firefox blocks most pop ups, I rarely see those anymore, and when I do I use the pop up blocker Add-on to block their URL… most banners and such too. I must admit that I am a little disappointed in the newest Firefox, even the older Firefox was something of a step down from the simple Mozilla browser… fewer control options.

lol I wouldn’t call myself a babe in the woods… in fact I moved out of the woods and into a desert years ago. lol I have not had a use for such things as temporary hosting sites, and like I intimated, I don’t just go poking around the web. lol

lol But if you think I am such a newbie… lol… just wait until I get around to turning my old Win98SE into a Linux machine. It will be an adventure, I am sure, since I know next to nothing about Linux. lol I suppose that compared to many I am a definite novice, having only been a computer owner since 2000, but I have learned a lot in that time since I was on my own as far as keeping the suckers ticking.
A partial install of Win95 on a 1GB HD, 24MB RAM and simulated 75MHz processor being online in 2000 will make you get up to your elbows in it in a hurry. lol Oh yeah and no OS disks, so no throwing in the towel and reinstalling. lol Can you say Fun Fun?

But anyway, I have made being verbose into an art form yet again, so I will draw this to a close and say thank you, thank you, thank you!
WW works and I have you to thank for it!
:iconbiggrin: :thumbright: :iconbiggrin: