Wrong feature temp show

In current moment wwl, display this temp from high to low, above is ok, but in evening is wrong.

What is wrong about it?

I see that all other values are from low value to high, this is from high to low, and i wondering are this is wrong or is okay.
Temp:21,1 - 17,2
Feels like:17,2 - 21,1
and all other are from low to high.
I’m sorry if everything is correct, I just wanted to share it, if is wrong to fix it.
Thanks for great work!

Thanks for the additional information. I just wanted to make sure I understood what you were trying to point out.

The temperatures should be listed in the order that they occur – rather than from lowest to highest. That’s definitely not happening in your screenshot though. I’ll look into this and make the necessary adjustments in the next Weather Watcher release.

Here’s what I decided to do for the next release:

  • The temperatures in the red boxes will always be listed from low to high.
  • The temperatures in the green box will always be listed in the order they actually appear (for easier reading across time periods).


Nice, thanks Mike :icon_smile: