Wrong charset in current conditions

I was using WW 5.6.16 until today.
I just upgraded it to 5.6.18 and here is what I noticed:


I am talking about the wrong charset at the line above “View this forecast at weather.com”, just after “Observed”.

It should read “friday, january 26” in Bulgarian (cyrillic) letters.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: the issue can be resolved if I right click on the window and choose “Cyrillic (Windows)” from the Encoding menu. However, isn’t this only a temporary solution? Until next reboot or what?

I’ve never tried changing that setting. Can you post an update after you reboot?

Well, it seems that there is no problem after a reboot.

I have checked with the right button and the encoding is still “Cyrillic (Windows)”. However, do you think that this will be remembered or there is a possibility that some web page in IE changes it in WW too?

I think you’re okay since the setting held after a reboot.