Windows Vista -- WW ToolTip

I don’t know if this is an incompatibility with Vista, but when I installed WW in Vista, the tray tooltip seems to stop working – initially it looks OK but then it just pops up the current weather icon inside a box with the skinned background. If I turnoff the skiined background it will pop up the list of whatever info I’ve selected, but then it quits altogether and won’t popup anything. I’ve done this a number of times and even reinstalled WW but the proble reappears.

Does the tooltip start working again when you restart Weather Watcher?

Yes it does.

Is it possible to determine when the tooltip stops working properly? For instance, does it stop working after the weather is updated the first time?

It doesn’t appear to be affected by updates – I just rebooted (again) and the tray tooltip is working as expected through several updates. I’ll watch it closely to see when it stops working – this has occurred repeatedly so I do expect it to stop working.

Thanks for the quick response – this is a terrific utility!

Vista includes IE 7, yes?

It seems to happen whenever I open a graphics-intensive application – just booted up in Vista and WW tray tooltip worked OK – then started looking at Virtual Earth and I note the tooltip is back to just the current weather icon on the skin background – no text. If I exit and restart WW I’ll have the full tooltip back.

brucewilsonpa, please post a screenshot of the tootlip.

No success trying to capture a screenshot that I an send. But to describe it again – all that appears is a small (2cm x 2cm) box with the skinned background and current weather icon – no text at all. If I turn off the skin selection I get truncated text or whatever info I’ve selected.

BTW-- no sure this is related but I note that the link to “check for new version” when right clickin tray icon doesn’t work – gives me an error msg. that the attempt failed.

Still not working right - now it seems to switch to the truncated tooltip shotly after loading in Vista. Only way to restore it is to exit and restart.

A “screenshot” is a TWO step process. The 1st step captures the image. The 2nd step makes the image a file.

Step 1 - capture
When the image is on the screen press ther Print Screen button.

Step 2 - make a file
Start>Programs>Accessories press the Paint option. When Paint opens click on Edit>Paste.
Edit the picture so most extraneous stuff is removed. File>Save the picture to a GIF file.

To “post a screenshot” is a TWO step process.

Step 1 - upload the file to an image hosting website
Upload the saved image to

Step 2 - the end
Post the resulting URL here.

Mike, since posters have no concept of how to do a “screenshot” maybe adding instructions to the FAQ sections would be a good idea.

I have exact same problem.
And here is the screenshot:

I just picked up Windows Vista this weekend and was able to recreate this issue. I noticed the tooltip window was as Postino posted when I switched to a city that had a severe alert.

The following build resolved this issue for me:
Download Weather Watcher 5.6.18f

If you’re using Windows Vista, please give this new build a try and post your findings.

So, nobody was brave enough to try the new build? :icon_smile:

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try Vista :lol: At least not for a little while longer…


I have now been using the new build for a few days now and the tool tip problem has not re-surfaced.

Thank you.

New Vista Build

The tooltip seems to be working fine on the new Vista build.

Other unresolved Vista issues seem to exist:

  1. Use Custom Tray Tooltip Window Location freezes up the program
  2. WW won’t close down automatically on system restart - it prompts for confirmation.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Re: New Vista Build

When enabling this option, WW doesn’t freeze for me. I’m able to set the location for the tooltip window – BUT WW doesn’t use that custom location. It always reverts back to it’s default location.


  1. WW won’t close down automatically on system restart - it prompts for confirmation.

For me the WW options window just flashes – then Vista prompts if you want to force close WW.

Re: New Vista Build

This problem exists with Windows XP also.