Windows 10 not allowing updates

I have been running WWL for several years on a number of PCs using Win 7, no current problems.

I recently upgraded 1 PC to Windows 10 and re-installed WWL using the latest release. Everything displays as expected except:

  1. My main weather station displays fine. WWL allows me to ADD a 2nd station and displays the correct results. No error messages are given. Next day I only have my original weather station present. The one I added yesterday is not there any more.

  2. I use a desktop magnet and change the url each day. I can display today’s weather map quite easily by changing the url from the original url and the new map displays correctly. Tomorrow, the url will be back to the original url, not what I typed in yesterday as happens under Win 7.

Both these issues show the information being entered is not being updated into the files but this is exactly what I do under Win 7 and no problems.

Yes, I have full permissions on the “Users” folders, I run WWL as Admin and I am the only user of the PC and have full Admin control.

Thanks for your input, Rob

Well, after several days and multiple attempts to add additional stations, it is suddenly working. No idea why the problem in the first place and why it has suddenly resolved itself as I have not changed anything.