Windows 10 creator version and New Version Update

Hi Mike if you read this the last two Upgrades i have tried to do i run the install Prg and it starts to decompress but when it get to DL.exe it cannot kill the process and the installation fails the only way i can install the new version is to invoke Task Manager go to start up disable Weather Watcher Live then reboot and then do the install that then go back to task manager re enable startup PS shutting WWL down fails to un hook DL.exe???
Regards Paul Johnston

Some 3rd party security applications have recently blocked the “dl.exe” application from being installed/used. You’ll need to whitelist that file (or the entire Weather Watcher program folder) in any 3rd party security applications you installed. If the Weather Watcher installer still does not run successfully at that point, then try rebooting your computer and run the Weather Watcher installer again.