Hi Mike. I just signed up with WWL . I have my option to update live (hence the “live” in WWL) and the wind is not changing. Also my update goes every couple of minutes. SO live is not live, is it? Need your help my friend.

Which weather station are you using?

New Bern, NC (Craven County Regional Airport)

Live weather data is only available when using a WeatherBug weather station. When searching for weather stations, the WeatherBug weather stations are denoted by the green map points. It looks like Sealevel, NC is the closest WeatherBug station.

Thanks Mike. The print screens you post, along with your explanation helps tremendously. Kudos my friend. Now let me ask. Do you know if any of the delayed weather stations get upgrated to real time?

Those weather stations are owned by NWS i[/i]. I don’t know what they have planned for the future. You’d have to direct that question to them.