Wind speed completely incorrect!

In my tray tooltip the windspeed is always incorrect! In the winter here in brooklyn, ny the wind is now like 47km/h gusting to 56km/h and weather watcher shows 22km/h. Yea rite. The older 5.x versions never had this problem! But the new paid versions don’t show a correct wind speed! That sucks! I’m using the latest 7 version!

Old versions of Weather Watcher use weather data from They update their current conditions about once every 20-45 minutes. I wouldn’t rely too much on their data for current conditions.

Most Weather Watcher Live weather stations are showing current conditions that have been recorded in real time. In most cases, the data coming from the real time weather stations is going to be more accurate.

There are 20+ weather stations available for Brooklyn, NY in Weather Watcher Live. I’m not sure which weather station you’re using. Perhaps the wind data was incorrect, the wind gauge is being blocked by a building, etc. Try one of the other 19+ weather stations.

I forgot to mention I tried other stations and same thing! And I have my forecast updated every 30mins! So I downloaded version 5.6.53 and the wind is shown correctly! Also the temp because like you said the old versions use stats from! Where do the new versions get their stats from? Because every time there is heavy wind outside weather watcher shows me low wind which is ridiculous!

You still did not mention which weather stations you’ve tried in Weather Watcher Live. Please post some screenshots to show the differences that you’re seeing in Weather Watcher and Weather Watcher Live.

In Weather Watcher Live, the weather comes from NWS, WeatherBug or Weather Underground. The source depends on the weather station you’re using.

I typed in 11235 and tried quite a dozen stations from what came up to my zip code and all the same thing with the wind. Like you said the new weather watcher gets info from NWS & weather underground so I guess that’s my problem! I don’t think those guys have good stats at least for me. got mostly right stats! Why the change from to the others?

I no longer use because they will no longer allow me to use their weather data for free. At the rate they are asking me to pay them for data, you would be paying somewhere around $100/month to use Weather Watcher. That’s just not reasonable. The folks at WeatherBug and Weather Underground are much more reasonable when it comes to sharing their weather data.

The image below compares 6 different weather sources. I figured we should do a wider comparison to see if The Weather Channel is on par with everyone else. Here’s what the image shows: NW 26 MPH NW 18 MPH WNW 13 MPH NW 18 MPH NW 18 MPH
Weather Watcher Live: NW 13 MPH

It appears that’s reading is invalid. I doubt the other 5 sources (all close to one another) are all incorrect.

I did see an issue with WeatherBug weather stations in Weather Watcher Live. When the data updates, the main window shows the Now/Max wind in the bottom bar graph. If updating the weather in real time, the weather reloads a second or two later with a lower max value. That shouldn’t happen. I’ll take a look and follow up here.

Try installing the following Weather Watcher Live build over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation. The max wind speed should no longer reset in the bar graph after the real time updates start downloaded.

Well here in nyc its been really windy with nasty gusts pretty much everyday and weather watcher just hasn’t been giving me a correct reading unlike! I guess weatherbug and underground just don’t cut it for me at least! I dunno about others!

4 of the 6 sources above are not WeatherBug or Weather Underground. Can you explain why nearly every other source of weather information on the Internet disagrees with’s wind data?

For me, that’s telling me their current conditions are not that accurate. I don’t think that’s really a surprise though. shows the weather for one location in Brooklyn – wherever that might be – and updates their current conditions about once every 20-45 minutes.

Weather Watcher Live allows you to pick from dozens of weather stations in Brooklyn. All of their specific locations can be seen on the search results map. Nearly all locations are providing data that was recorded seconds ago.

It’s not really a contest. does not provide accurate current conditions. I wouldn’t advise that you put much trust in them.

Well if that’s the case right now weather watcher 5.6.53 shows me 53km gusting to 64km and its damn right! Outside it look as if a hurricane is blasting through. Weather underground tells me 11mph and weatherbug says from 27 to 38km/h…weatherbug is better but not close. I do know that weatherbug’s wind speed goes from second to second but they just don’t cut it for me. I guess I’ll stick to the old weather watcher it was always great for me. Thanks for helping out.