Wind Speed 0 kmph from the East

I have sent some feedback before and here is another little thing I noticed.

When looking at Kota Kinabalu (in East Malaysia) I notice that you show wind speeds of 0 m/sph from the east, then from somewhere else (the next day for example). Taking that literally, you might say to some one "It is blowing at 0 metres per second (per hour?) from the East and your friend might say, “How do you know it is from the East if there is no wind blowing (Zero)?”

not sure how to interpret “m/sph” is this metres per second (a legit unit) or something else per hour?

I will keep on sending you things I notice here at 2:55 PM in Adelaide where it about 39.4 degrees Celsius , no wind - 0m/sph?

Regards from Australia in a heat wave BTW. Keep up the good work!


There are a few issues here. First, I found some converted values below 1 are being set to 0. For example, 1 MPH is being converted to 0 m/s instead of 0.4 m/s. That’s likely why you’re seeing the wind is blowing at 0 m/s. Second, the “m/sph” occurrences show something is not parsing properly in the detailed forecast.

A few questions for you:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

2) The Kota Kinabalu weather station you’re using does not seem to be available when I search for weather stations. Perhaps it has been renamed on your computer. Are you able to find that weather station when searching right now?

Please try this Weather Watcher build:

I downloaded the upgrade version you sent.

Since I was on Kota Kinabalu IN I got the same result (wind speed, direction et cetera). with that version [156] is now running.

I think this answers your 2 points. (version, station)

Did you try refreshing the weather after installing the new version? If so, please post a screenshot so I can see what’s displaying right now.

forgive me _ I am not superfast at screen capture - I use Snipping Tool. Also I had to be sure it is the latest version showing - screen shot taken 14 minutes ago from now,



Thanks! Here’s one more build:

I now have m/s for wind speed. I note the location in Kota Kinabalu is still off line so the system is diverting to the adjacent weather station. Also, all 3-4 days ahead have actual wind speed (in m/s) so can wait (not for long) to see when, if a zero speed is going to happen again…

I have enjoyed this day, thanks.