wind icon dos not work in m/s with more

the wind icon up to the right corner does not work when i have m/s in conversion, and sunset and sunrice is showing 1 hour wrong in “landvetter sweden” and the dayli icons in the bottom slider display bar does not show which day it is when you choice days

Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

i am using weather watcher live beta

What exactly is not working with the wind gauge when you’re viewing the wind in m/s?

Please post a screenshot of the slider with it set to display Days.

the win does not show any numbers of wind look at the 2 pic i send with it is at the same time and show no numbers in the wind icon and in the slider at bottom it says not what day it is and sunset and sunrise is at least one hour wrong in both way.
can u help me with that

Something interesting – I tried to add your weather station in Weather Watcher Live, but it was unable to find it when I searched. What did you search for to add that weather station?

The “NOW” section is reporting the wind speed to be 0. The wind is not pulled from the Hourly forecast because that is just forecasted data – not recorded data. Since I am not able to add your weather station, I really cannot tell you more than that at this time.

The days are not displaying because there are no images for the Swedish day names. I’ll probably have to create additional image sets for those people who do not have Windows setup to use English.

WeatherBug is aware of this issue. They will have to fix it in their weather data feed.

i searched for Partille in Sweden

but if u look the daily , there is swedish name on the days, look at the pic i send with here, and why are the sunset and sunrise wrong, by the way what is the big different between weater watcher and weather watcher live ?

Right, but there are no images in the Splendid skin with those names. Since there are no images, the slider has nothing to display for days with Swedish names.

They are incorrect in WeatherBug’s data feed. It seems the company they get their international data from is reporting incorrect times.

The main differences are the data source and the type of weather data that is available.