Wind Gusts won't round to nearest whole num

Putting a check in “Round wind speed to nearest whole number” doesn’t round wind Gusts to nearest whole number. And it appears that there is no way to round wind Gusts at this time. Which would be nice to do and would match the rounded wind speed.

Where are you noticing the wind gust not being rounded?

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On the tray tool panel.

Thank you for those additional details!

This issue has been resolved in Weather Watcher 7.2.282. You can download that installer here.


Bump, Bump. I was also wondering if you could make a note to include in a future version update, to make the check box for rounding the wind speed to also round the Wind Gauge on the right side of the WWL program and for the check box to also round the wind speed in the Currently section at the top of the left side of the WWL program, because at times depending on the wind speed, neither place is rounded to a whole number.

That would be doable. And to prevent this feature request from being lost in this resolved thread, it would be helpful if you could add it here instead.