Wind Direction

Would it be possible to have a choice of compass rose, either compass points or degrees?

Or re-introduce the mouse hover function as in WW.

I’ll add the wind gauge tooltip to the next Weather Watcher Live build.

Thanks Mike.

No wind data in WWL

In some reason there are not wind data (direction and/or speed) in BugWeather service in new WWL for Minsk and Belarus at all.
In WW all wind data are displayed correctly.

Wind direction indicator

Mike, In case you missed this in a previous post

Couldn’t you just add another Arrow pointing inward to indicate which direction the wind is coming from instead of two different options to choose. Then you will know which direction its coming from and which direction its going to in one look. Maybe make the arrow a different size.

I added a pic as example:

Hope that’s clear…

maypo52, some people prefer the arrow to point the other way, so I’m not so sure a double arrow would allow for the same functionality.

Make it selectable - pointing to, pointing from, or both…

The compass weatherbug has on their page with the single pointer at the from position pointing in the flow direction is my preference.

Just a gentle reminder :wink:

biggles150, I was working on this a few days ago, and found that it is not going to be an easy feature to add. The tooltip over the wind gauge would have to be updated each time the wind changes – often for most people. A bunch of JavaScript it used to update that tooltip… there’s just a lot going on there. FYI since it’s not going to be in the next public release :neutral:

Hi Mike,
Yes, I can understand the problems involved in adding this feature now you’ve explained it. It would have been nice, but I guess I can live without it. Thanks for giving it some thought tho’.

We are all used to read WX reports, METAR’s and TAF’s and so, and the wind direction is always indicated by the direction it blows from, not where it blows to.
The arrow point outwards seems to be a little confusing.
Just my humble opinion.

Hi again.
Just in case you didn’t noticed, the tray icon tooltip shows the wind direction from where it blows, as normal.
Referring to “some people prefer the arrow pointing the other way”, my question is:
From where are they reading their weather information (wind direction)?
As I said before, most, if not all the Weather Agencies display the wind by the direction it blows from.
Please accept my apologies for insisting on this feature, but I do feel this should be corrected.

zeaviador, the tip of the Weather Watcher Live wind gauge arrow points in the direction the wind is traveling toward. That is the standard for any wind gauge.

I’ve never seen a wind gauge that has an arrow that points in the direction the wind is blowing from. If that’s what you’re suggesting, then you can flip the arrow in the Splendid Settings (click the “SETTINGS” link at the bottom, right corner of the main Weather Watcher Live window).

Sure you have… you’re just not thinking of it as such.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hi Mike. :thumbright:
Changing the direction the arrow is pointing to doesn’t help.
What I was looking for is an arrow (or a triangle) pointing to the center of the wind display, as you have done in Weather Watcher.
Just like that.