Win98SE bug


On a Win98SE machine with IE6 when WW is configured to Open Weather Watcher with a Left Single Click Action the window doesn’t open. If a Left Double Click Action is set to Open Weather Watcher it works fine.

In testing just now, if the LSCA is set to Refresh Weather Information or Open Weather Watcher Options they don’t get invoked either.

The left button works for all other Windows functions so it’s not a mouse problem.

EdP, without testing some other Windows 98 SE PCs, it would be hard to tell if this is a Weather Watcher issue or an issue with that PC.

In that the mouse’s left button click works normally on other Windows apps and functions, both Win 98 and W2K, it’s unlikely its a problem with the pc.

EdP, when you click the tray icon, Weather Watcher pulls the following value from the registry key below and waits half of that time to see if the tray again is clicked again (to catch the double-click). What is that value set to on your Windows 98 SE PC?

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\DoubleClickSpeed

No such key on the machine.

The closest I have is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Microsoft Input Devices\Mouse\Exceptions\1001

whose entries are shown below:


These keys might be more of what you’re thinking of:

EdP, it looks like that is the issue then – Windows 98 SE does not store that registry setting. Give the following Weather Watcher build a try on your Windows 98 SE PC:

Thanks Mike. I will try it next time the machine is up.

I tried it tonight Mike and it does resolve the single left click WW problem in Win98. Unfortunately it introduces a new problem, the tray icon displays the temp digits in a normal font for about a second before switching to the italic font until the next update.

What exactly are you doing to reproduce that behavior?

Dbl clicking on the WW task bar icon which I have set to do an update of the data.

If you have the main Weather Watcher window open and double-click the tray icon to update the weather, at what point does the tray icon switch to Italic? For example, does it switch before the progess bar pops up to show you the update progress?

Does the tray icon ever switch to italic when clicking the “Update” button?

:-s I can not reproduce this problem at this point. :-k

Nothing has changed on the system other than reboots and malware prevention updates. And WW appears to be working fine, including the single and dbl clicking of the mouse buttons.

No idea at this point how or why I was seeing what I was seeing before.

Thank’s for looking into this Mike.

PS My guess is the rebooting helped but that is just a SWAG.

It’s a memory problem.

When I booted today I got the WW window stating that it was updating my skins. Since I haven’t updated anything I don’t know why it would do that. However, in the process of exiting and restarting WW for this test, I see the message each time WW starts.

After starting WW I saw this:

After restarting WW I saw this:

I than updated WW and saw this:
and this:

Then this:

But there were cases during the several recycles of WW that the temp icon was ok. And in fact it is now, with the tooltip empty again, as in image 1.

This type of inconsistency implies memory corruption. Something isn’t being initialized or is being overwritten by something outside WW.

This posting sounds VERY similar.


Similar in what way?

They both describe the same inconsistent behavior with the icon font.