Will not run on vista

I am trying to run Stickit from a usb drive. When on an XP machine Stickit runs but double clicking on sthe icon gives runtime error 380: Invalid Property Value. I can still right click and open the options windows. When running in Vista a blank spce show up in the systray (no icon) when hovered over it goes away (program crashed with no error). Stickit.exe will not stay running in Vista. I am running the latest version 3.03.

I’ve been using StickIt on Windows Vista since the day Vista was released. That said, I’m not so sure that Vista is the sole cause of the problem.

How exactly did you install StickIt on your USB drive? Did you try installing StickIt on your computer?


Honestly I installed it on the XP workstation. Then I copied the two files (stickit.exe and dl.exe) and created a settings.ini file. First run after that was on vista it created a bunch of folders and such before shutting off.

Re: Install

StickIt.exe is an old version of StickIt – it cannot be run from a USB key. The newest StickIt EXE is named StickIt3.exe.

Just reinstall StickIt from the link below and copy the updated EXE files to your USB key.


My bad

It was Stickit3 that I was running. As I mentioned before the version on the executable is

jasonpassow, it sounds like StickIt cannot locate the system tray icon. Did you select a custom icon from the Tray Icon tab of the StickIt Options window? Do you see an icon image to the left of the Select Icon… button?

Here are some things to try:

1) Delete the StickIt registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\StickIt

2) Open the Settings.ini on your USB key, delete everything, and save it.


No registry key existed. I cleared the ini file and open stickit3.exe again and I got the same results and it populated settings.ini with the following.

I did not customize the icon now or before. It happened the first time I opened after copying both executables and creating the settings file.

jasonpassow, I deleted my StickIt registry settings and then ran StickIt from my USB key like it was the first time I ever used StickIt. Everythhing still ran okay.

What is the modified date on your StickIt3.exe file? Mine is 3/26/2007 10:50 PM.


Modified date is 3/2/2007 9:26 pm. I donwloaded fromt he site the day before this post was started.

Still having problems

I just donwloaded again (modified date now 8/02/07) and it will not run on XP either from my USB key. It created an entire directory structure with archive, deleted etc. It also populated the settings.ini as before but it puts a blank spot int he systray and when hovered over it goes a way and stickit disappears.

What happens when you run StickIt from the standard install directory?

Same thing

It appears if I run it on the computer on which I originally installed it runs correctly. If I run on a different computer (with very similar software) it does not run correctly. Are there other dlls that are required?

Re: Same thing

Yes, and the symptoms are similar to what you are experiencing. You should already have the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime files installed, but it wouldn’t hurt to try installing them again.


Visual Basic Runtime

I had originally installed on one machine that may or may not have had the runtime files but the second machine on which I tried run it form the usb key actually had weather watcher installed (and therefore must have had vb runtime).

I will try to test on several more machines today. I am a network admin and have access to oodles of machines.