Why are weather alerts delayed for so long?

I know its not related to WW Live directly, but I noticed that the WeatherBug site is slow to post severe weather alerts - and since WWL is getting its data from there, it carries through… For example, Long Island NY was issued a Tropical Storm Watch as of 11:00 AM this morning… As of 11:42 AM, viewing severe alerts for ZIP 11973 doesnt show the alert… Every other weather site I have visited (i.e. Yahoo, WUnderground, etc) shows the TS Watch issued at 11:00 AM…

Anyone know why they are slow with things like that?

I didn’t notice this yet in my area. Did you try contacting WeatherBug?


i have noticed this in my area (31088) also i have weather watcher on my desktop and weather watcher live on the laptop and recently had tornado warnings in my area and weather watcher sounded an alert and nothing from weather watcher live.